South Beach Skin Solutions Lightening Cream

“If you suffer from embarrassing dark or discolored intimate areas such as the bikini line or underarms, you are not alone. As more people discover bikini waxing, the more we need to pay attention to how we look once the hair is removed. South Beach Skin Solutions™ Lightening Gel for Sensitive Areas is the ultimate in safe, gentle and effective natural lightening for the anal, vaginal, breast, underarm, face and other sensitive areas.”

$50.00 on South Beach Skin Solution’s Website

South Beach Skin Solutions Lightening Cream Review:

     I started out buying this product mainly because it contains all natural ingredients – you can use it anywhere on the body. After using the South Beach Skin Solutions Lightening Cream morning and night for 3 weeks, I only saw minimal results. Their cream does in fact work, but you must have plenty of time and patience. I also thought it was a bit much having to apply morning and night when it was taking so long. So, I ended up buying Divine Derriere’s Skin Bleaching Cream and getting my desired look in 2 weeks. If you are still going to purchase this product, make sure you exfoliate the area to get the best results.